Thingit's offer

Our core business consists of a valorization track that is tailor-made and a technical due diligence. Besides this, we also offer various à la carte services.

A valorization track, tailor-made for your goals and budget

Our complete valorization track is drafted following clearly structured steps. Since every case is different, the track is refined based on your goals. It consists of four steps, about which you can find more information here.

Discover everything about our valorization track

Technical due diligence of your technology

We execute a complete value screening of your technology and IP. This is done for example done in case of mergers and acquisitions. A thorough analysis of the following things is performed:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Tech transfer readiness
  • Unique selling point
  • Internal leverage
  • Market potential

Services à la carte

Several of the standardized components that are part of our track can also be carried out as stand-alone services:

  • Extensive desk research on your technology and IP
  • Validation of your market and business ideas
  • Development of a business plan
  • Designing and supporting your innovation track
  • Introducing your technology in new markets through technical sales
  • Freedom-to-operate and prior art studies
  • IP, technology, and competitor landscaping
  • Developing an IP strategy

You get specific answers to your questions on IP, technology, and markets, thanks to our specialized tools and expertise.