Shift gear with
a multidisciplinary team

Our versatile approach is made possible by our multidisciplinary team. By combining our expertise, experience and varied disciplines, we can do the right thing every step of the way, in every phase of the project, and leave the beaten track from time to time.

Whatever the background or experience of our team members, we all share the same passion for technology and the radar for business.

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Partners and network

We can always rely on our network of partners that support us financially, logistically, or with their experience. As a result, we are able to work in a focused and agile way. With the right expertise, we give our projects a decisive dynamism. 

For our project, Thingit brought appropriate people around the table, which quickly resulted in the desired outcome.

J. Janssen, R&D&I Manager Aurubis

There’s more to your company than you think

Together we evaluate all possibilities to create more or new business with your technology and IP.

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