Extracting business information from patents

Analyze and interpret 90 million patents in a heartbeat

The patent database, containing over 90 million patent records, is of inconceivable value during every step along the valorization track. It is used to challenge your technology and IP with all possible markets and fields of industry.  

In-house tools to establish valuable connections

Due to our online and in-home, offline data mining tools, we can establish valuable relations between your IP and existing patents in no time. Our experts interpret these relations and translate them to the relevant context of your business.

Complementary investigation techniques

We enrich the findings we acquire from the patent database with complementary analysis. This way, we create a 360° view on your case and its results.

  • Deep web browsing
  • Scientific desk research
  • Confirmed innovation methodologies

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, your case is evaluated and from various angles, which leads to an all-round approach. 

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Specific answers to specific questions

  • Discover new applications or markets for your technology
  • Map technologies
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Generate qualitative leads
  • Detect blind spots in fields of industry
  • Verify the freedom to operate when developing technologies
  • Evaluate the patentability of an invention

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With Thingit, new possible markets surface which you had never though of before.

F. Legein, Ceo Europlasma

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Together we evaluate all possibilities to create more or new business with your technology and IP.

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