Thingit boosts your company’s competitive position by capturing the value of groundbreaking technology

Technology is often underutilized, business opportunities often remain unknown. The knowledge and resources to bridge the gap towards a validated business are not available. Thingit converts that technological potential into sustainable competitive advantage.


Lighten your burden

We are not consultants. As venturing partners, we build you a tailormade team which takes ownership. From inception till launch, the whole nine yards.

Accelerate progress

Our agile set up and on-the-job expertise, combined with an extensive and highly relevant network make things go fast.

Maximize your chances of succes

Tap into our in-depth expertise acquired over many years of continuous improvement. We know what works. We deliver.


Very dynamic, very fast moving, especially towards the end. Very technical and at the same time always the eye on the business.

Jeroen Van Cauwenberghe, Director of Technology, Tessenderlo

We deliver.

Open innovation management tools & techniques

Thingit comes with a backpack full of tools and methodologies. Some of them are developed in-house. Every project is unique, we’ll add the salt and pepper according to the needs at every phase.   

Have a look at our in-house developed data-driven processes:

kleiner hoekje dikker.png
kleiner hoekje dikker.png

Strong with people

Agility first. We keep our core team small and responsive. With in-house R&S partner BarryHR, we staff every project with a unique blend of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. We source from our network or through dedicated Research & Selection.

kleiner hoekje dikker.png

Game-changing cleantech technologies

Thingit operates in B2B environments. We focus on technologies that have proven to work, and hold potential to change the future in yet unexplored business. We cover textiles, chemistry, materials, processes, sensors, and systems. Cleantech industry, as  you may call it.

Holistic solution

We take full ownership from the initial idea until the generated value is captured. We provide strategy and operation. Until the business is built. By blending in-house people expertise, tools & methodologies and financing options, most of the project needs are covered.