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The innovator hub.


Our Ghent office is an inspiring environment. Every project is launched from here, using the cross-fertilization between people and teams. We offer our office space to our innovative partners as an innovation hub for strategic meetings and brainstorms, or as a flexible coworking space for their remote workers.


Meet the team.


Our talented core team consists of deep tech engineers, data crunchers, business developers, strategy consultants, legal advisers and project staffing specialists. Thingit selects profiles and talents that demonstrate an unwavering sense of innovation, diversification and entrepreneurship. At every moment, we will assess the project team’s consistency, and add resources from our network or through dedicated Research & Selection activities.


For our project, Thingit brought exactly the right people around the table, which quickly resulted in the desired outcome.

Jan Janssen, R&D&I Manager Aurubis