Established companies.


Outside the core business

You’re an SME or a corporate and you want to create new business with technology. The technology resides in-house, or has to be found on the market through strategic partnerships or acquisitions. You feel insecure because the exact products or services, markets, or business models are largely unknown and outside the scope of business-as-usual.

Corporate incubation

Thingit will assess, design, build and launch the new business in a corporate venturing mode, using the corporate assets and agility of a start-up team and attitude. The new business may spin-off in a new venture, or spin-in the mother company to transform or diversify the core business.

Thingit will provide the process and the staffing, and will take the lead of the open innovation project. To prove our ambition, we will take part in the new venture as a shareholder, if appropriate.

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Bridge the gap towards your first investment

You are a small team with technology that can change the world. You are working towards your first investment round, but you have lots of open ends. You may not have all answers available yourself, and are looking for help from a seasoned business partner.

Towards a successful investment round

Thingit will lift you beyond the first seed investment phase. Our core team assesses your case, refines the strategy, generates and prioritizes your options. Until we assembled your complementary team, we act as your temporary co-founder. We attract key projects and negotiate contracts with strategic partners and clients. Our activities increase the valuation of your company and result in convincing business propositions. Our reputation opens doors, and our ally investors are triggered to take a deeper look into the well-prepared and validated cases we offer.

As we know you are low on cash, we offer the possibility to reward Thingit based on the success of the venture building track, through share deals and/or investor brokerage fees.

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Don’t miss out on the best technological opportunity out there

As a technology investor (family office, technology fund, angel investor or industrial group) you’re continuously scanning for promising return-on-investments. You want to catch the best cases early on. However, you are not sure if you have all candidates on your radar. And although your gut feeling tells you  it’s good technology, you’re not sure since the technology owners don’t manage to provide you with validated proof. It takes time and effort to assess the technology in great detail, and collaborate with the technology owners to make up a bullet-proof business plan.


We were quite impressed by Thingit’s  meticulous, structured and comprehensive approach.

David Vlerick, CFA, Vlerick Group

A successful pre-seed phase by using Thingit as a trustworthy partner.

Thingit will be your partner to scout and assess technologies in the domain of your interest. We create a substantiated and validated business plan in collaboration with the target company. You use Thingit as a lightweight investment engine to capture part of the value created in this very early stage process.

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