MAZARO – Bring a revolutionary invention to the market

Engineer and inventor MAZARO designed a transmission system that could create a disruptive shockwave in the automotive industry. The technology won many awards and attracted European funding. However, it seemed very difficult to realize the commercial breakthrough, and investors backed down.

Enter Thingit

Thingit compared the MAZARO technology to that of the competition, and analyzed Mazaro’s business tactics. They developed a commercial two-track strategy: a modified business development approach, including a new branding strategy, corporate identity and sales pitch. On the other hand they drew focus away from automotive, and scouted market segments worldwide, such as windmills, generator pumps and electric driven boats.


We wouldn't have had these opportunities without Thingit. They did it all themselves. Value for money!

Filip De Mazière, CEO Mazaro


The team by Thingit

The Thingit tailormade team included a designated technological analyst and a business developer. In a very short timeframe, they prioritized and validated 120+ stakeholders worldwide. An ally investor signed shortly after seeing the project results. We delivered.

Visit the result: