Share risk.

We are not consultants, we build business. We’re not interested in earning margins on services we sell. First and foremost, we want to make your project a success. To make that possible, we offer a variety of risk share models, such as brokerage fees, convertible loans or share vesting deals. When additional financial resources are required in the project, we can even provide additional equity to the project.

  • Full accountability

  • Balanced partnership

  • Maximum transparency

Share value.


Thingit creates value in the pre-seed phase, and captures part of the value using risk share models. That value is shared by opening up the Thingit capital to interested investors. This is particularly useful for investment funds and industrial groups that are active in the seed or growth stage. Thingit is used as an outsourced assessment and business preparation phase engine. Attaching Thingit in front of your acquisition activities creates a two-stage investment rocket to capture value of technology.


  • High ROI

  • Light structure

  • Like-minded investor board

  • Be first in line