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The versatility and adaptability were the most useful elements in the way Thingit worked with Bekina.

Thomas Vanderbeke, Member of BoD, Bekina




Get valuable technology on your radar

To fuel your new business idea or to complement your fund portfolio, you want the best technology out there. The Thingit datamining power and deeptech skills will bring top candidates to the surface. If continuous monitoring and assessment is required, Thingit provides a knowledge management system together with DataScouts, filled with company profiles of your interest.

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  • A blend of datamining and deeptech research

  • Merging data from a variety of databases

  • Real-time monitoring of commercial, economic and technical events

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Validate technology

Before making the decision to invest or create business in technology, you want an expert to validate the intrinsic strength of that technology. Thingit is highly trained to assess how futureproof technology will be in the new business. We perform a deep-dive in the status of the IP, technology, competitor landscape & USP, market potential, people and company DNA to build a substantiated opinion on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Balanced exercise on both opportunities and risks

  • Integrated technology, business and people assessment

  • Using technology & market intelligence tools


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Generate and choose business options

To monetize your business idea with technology, many of the various directions are unknown or unexplored. During a design phase, we generate as much opportunities as possible, and put them in frameworks to make strategic decisions in line with the ambitions. Thingit has powerful tools and methodologies to find product-market fits and/or appropriate business models.

  • In-house developed powerful datamining techniques for business option generation

  • Covering new products, markets and/or new business models

  • Validated tools and techniques to fuel, structure, and prioritize an innovation funnel



Towards a validated business plan

If you want to convince your stakeholders, get your budget approved or close your financing round, you need proof. Thingit builds the business plan with validated numbers, tangible partnerships, a pipeline with client projects, and a team that is ready to kick ass.

  • Deep in-the-field market penetration to understand the needs

  • Thingit as a catalyst engine to open doors

  • In-house R&S partner to prepare the team for launch


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Establish the new business

This is the moment of truth. We get full on operational: we close deals with partners and customers, deploy marketing and sales, develop technology and IP, and prepare for growth.

  • Operational team and activities

  • Closing contracts and generating first sales

  • Setting the standards for future growth

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