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ONAK – New business for innovative foldables

Looking for a portable solution, two adventurers designed a foldable canoe using innovative pliable materials. The start-up ONAK (‘kano’ spelled backwards) patented the pioneering technology, and rolled out a production line. The ONAK-founders soon realized their unique knowhow could be disruptive in other markets as well.

Enter Thingit

Thingit analysed the ONAK materials and IP, and identified potential new product applications and markets. The best of those opportunities were validated with potential business partners in various market segments. Thingit developed a patented new prototype in automobile accessories using the ONAK technology, and built an all-in business plan. Finally, they closed a co-creation deal with a major player in the new target market.

The ONAK-duo was able to further develop their original product, while Thingit expanded their business potential with ground-breaking market strategies. Even as a start-up, the risk share model allowed ONAK to make use of the Thingit service and expertise.


Thingit works very fast, direct, structured, and thorough. It has been a very positive collaboration.

Thomas Weyn, CEO ONAK


The team by Thingit

Thingit provided ONAK with a business strategist, a product developer and a project manager. All of them were meticulously recruited to match the ONAK assignment. We delivered.


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