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Clean Tech Flanders - Innovative datamining, reporting and profiling

Network organization Cleantech Flanders aimed for an annual report on the clean tech status in the Flemish Region (Belgium). They needed to identify and collect valuable data in a highly fluctuating business segment, interpret that info and edit it towards a visible report.

Enter Thingit

Thingit brought a strategic partner We Connect Data to the table. While Thingit deep-dived in the technical data, We Connect Data complemented the search with socio-economic data. Together, they built an accurate company profile of all relevant players and collected valid business metrics to analyze the economic impact realized over the last 10 years. In doing so, they mapped the innovation hotspots in the Flanders’ CleanTech ecosystem.


Our ambition was to monitor the Flemish CleanTech ecosystem. Thingit and We Connect Data collaborated to provide us with the datamining result in a short period of time.

Frans Snijkers, director Cleantech Flanders


The team by Thingit

The Thingit partnership with We Connect Data resulted in a high performance expert team, turning data into actionable insights in the innovation activities by a diverse portfolio of companies. The team provided a solid base for Cleantech Flanders to write its 2020 report and moreover, developed a platform that enables Cleantech Flanders to monitor and profile the companies in real time. We delivered.


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