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VETEX – New business for solvent free coating technology

Textile company VETEX depended on non-durable PU-coating and developed a more sustainable solvent-free application. They invested heavily in a new pilot production line, but as ground-breaking the innovative technology proves to be, the conversion of the existing clients to the new application was not as smooth as expected.

Enter Thingit

Thingit assessed the company’s product IP and material possibilities, and uncovered various new industries for Vetex to outcompete other players. Thingit developed the roadmap for market development, including an in-depth business plan for the top 2 priority segments. Strategic partnerships were built for co-creation of products in new markets.

The team by Thingit

Thingit provided VETEX with a technological analyst and a business developer, working in close collaboration with the Vetex stakeholders. An advisory board was installed to challenge the core team on a two-monthly basis. At the end of the assignment, the project was handed over smoothly. We delivered.


Thingit was able to assess our complex technology in very a short timeframe and accurately pinpoint the true added value and business opportunities.

Gert Raeymackers, COO Vetex



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