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We build business.

Passionate about technology.

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You want to launch, diversify or transform business. You are looking for a seasoned business partner. Not an engineer, not a consultant, but an agile and custom built team that takes ownership from inception till launch.  We navigate across the borders of technology, innovation tools, business strategy, finance and people challenges. B2B open innovation environments where products, markets and business models are largely unknown. That’s the Thingit habitat!


For whom?


Active entrepreneurship, looking to the left, looking to the right.

David Vlerick, CFA, Vlerick Group

How do we work?

Your project needs are assessed by the Thingit core team. Our HR-experts from BarryHR assemble a customized team through in-house sourcing and dedicated headhunting. This project team runs the Thingit process, tailored to your case and managed by the Thingit core team. An advisory board is set up to challenge the project on a regular basis. We offer risk share models and we share the benefits from the added value we create.

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Our clients.


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